The world has been under the shackles of Covid 19 or Corona for the past three years. The deadly virus has negatively dawned upon several lives physically, emotionally, and financially. The death rates and economic stability have seen a surge and a dynamic downfall parallelly. While we are still recovering from the losses, the third wave has already hit the charts. Amidst all the adversities, the food and hospitality industry is the most affected. Hygiene protocols imposed lockdowns, lack of staff and other issues have made it challenging for the restaurateurs to continue their quest for business, let alone profit. Post covid it is challenging to gain customer’s confidence or retain it because people never really adjust to health and safety. Let’s see how one can overcome these challenges and thrive amidst all the difficulties-


Look how we prepare your dish- Yes, we are talking about LIVE Streaming. Having proof of your deeds has proved to be effective in both personal and professional lives, time and again.   Hence, maintaining safety protocols and proper hygiene while preparing the items is very important. The best way to assure your customers is to show them the process through LIVE Streaming how their food is getting ready. This process provides a clear view of what is being served to them. 


Social media marketing- In recent times, social media is the best way to gain momentum and popularity quickly. People are hooked to their social media presence, and food is art nowadays. Hence if one can put up nice pictures, please the aesthetic sense of the customer, provide proper information, reviews, comments about their food hub, it might blow up. Social media marketing and agencies are gaining popularity talking about restaurant marketing. The benefits are high!


Sanitized delivery and packaging- The delivered food should be absolutely hygienic and safely packed and delivered. Maintaining all the safety protocols restaurants should serve and provide the food. Besides this, handing the sanitization kits to the customer is also an imposing yet beneficial way of gaining your customer’s trust and assuring them about their safety.


USP or the magic solution- How about giving your customers a restaurant feel at home? Yes, there are a few restaurants in UAE, they are providing food kits so that the customers can assemble and make their favorite signature dishes of that particular restaurant. A great way to attract food enthusiasts at your joint, even when the times are uncertain. 

The food and hospitality industry will never be in dire straits, no matter what the situation is. Tough times will come and go, but there’s always a solution to that; resorting to these measures might be a turning point in the darker times.