It is needless to say that the customer is God, be it any aspect of the business world; the customer is always right, and we have to serve them no matter what. The customer is considered the actual master in the restaurant sector, and we can’t help but simply serve them. There are instances wherein the customer is very humble, polite and easy to deal with. Still, some incidents talk about extremely aggressive ones, who are very difficult to manage. The foremost essential duty of a manager or people dwelling in this sector is expected to be cool-headed and great problem solvers; no matter what, you have to be firm and diligent while dealing with such fiascos. One cannot shout back at the customer or argue with you unless they start abusing you verbally or physically. Even in that situation, you are not expected to bite back; instead, you will have to respectfully and cordially manage it. Before things get out of hand, use the power of diplomacy and politeness to get the situation settled in a jiffy. 

Here are a few tips that would help you deal with such nuisance- 

  1. Listen to the customer, do not interrupt, which forms a good impression.
  2. Make the customer feel important and that their problem is legit.
  3. After the customer shares her/his/their problem, ask their name and call them with that. This act makes them feel heard.
  4. Do not forget to mention your name. If you feel that the customer is needlessly creating a  facade, provide them with a quick small solution. 
  5. Your job is to calm your customer down, make them feel you’re highly apologetic, and the solution is here.
  6. Make them feel that their problem is yours and you’re always there to solve it.
  7. Be your customer’s best problem solver during the service tenure.
  8. Greet them with absolute respect and politeness.
  9. If you’re unable to solve the problem, quickly say that you’re looking into the issue, and it will take a few minutes, not a big issue.
  10. Customer is always at the top; remember that.