For once, question yourself, what attracts you to a restaurant? Ambiance? Location? Menu? Well, you would definitely revisit a restaurant, perhaps, if the menu is diverse and pocket-friendly. Every restaurant possesses a signature dish, which indeed becomes a part of its USP. It is a crucial brainstorming session for restaurant owners to decide upon the menu because that will make them stand out. While designing or arranging the menu for a particular eatery, one has to focus on different aspects; be it the pocket pinch, the region, the type; they have to be very specific and clear. One of the most efficient ways of deciding a food menu would be “Truth in menu.” It covers the entire process of organizing a menu card for a food hub.

  1. Remember the 2 Qs of restaurant management, Quality, and Quantity. One has to be picture perfect while deciding upon these aspects. Everybody under the sun wants good food in a reasonable quantity that will not burn a hole in their pockets, hence in your initial years, follow this theory to be the talk of the town!
  2. Focus on different regions is not an easy task, but you can surely fit in various cuisines to maintain diversity the moment one has a look into your menu. 
  3. Do not forget to add a quirky element to your menu; people love names that they can relate to, alongside giving an accurate description of what they’ll put inside their tummies. That creates a good impression. 
  4. Have your Chef’s special segment that looks and sounds appetizing. 
  5. The food menu should have colors that ignite your customer’s cravings; hence attractive food pictures are a must!
  6. Do not forget to keep separate menus—one for the starters, main course, desserts and the other one for beverages or drinks. 
  7. Do focus on different sectors of eaters, like the vegans, the lactose intolerant peeps, the vegetarians, the eggetarians, the sea food-allergic peeps, the keto diet people, etc. 

Following these will actually help you make a mark in the restaurant sector because you will be serving the different communities of eaters; hence best of luck!