Every restaurant has several elements that make it different from the others in the race. One of the most important key elements of an eatery would be its staff. 

A restaurant attracts its customers by serving top-notch food, be it quality or quantity, and its staff. In case your space has ill-mannered, shabbily dressed, nonchalant staff, people will not visit your eatery the next time.

Having poor quality staff is a huge setback in the hotel industry. The staff should have a proper idea of how to present themselves because they represent the restaurant. 

It is very important to curate a training program for the staff so that it evaluates the needs and abilities of the staff and generates better understanding. Leveling up to a customized training program, coagulating different needs of the staff also creates a well-trained staff.

Let’s dive into the points which would give a clear understanding of how staff can be trained well. 

  1. Create your goal or jot down the points that you want your staff to have. 
  2. Know your staff out and about during the interview process, this will help you to have a proper idea about their abilities and shortcomings. 
  3. Curate different training programs for different job roles. 
  4. Make sure you have a mandatory role system for every staff apart from their own job roles. This will help them to have a better understanding of the restaurant and its services.
  5. While training them explain all the who, where, what to them so that there is no room for confusion or complaining. One confusion can lead to a never-ending disaster. 
  6. Use auditory, visual, and kinesthetic training for your staff. Suppose you have senior staff on board, ask them for a demonstration and make the new joiners watch it and do the same. This gives them hands-on experience. If you have a manual then make them read it and ask them if they have any doubt. 
  7. It is important for you to have a clear idea about the restaurant shifts and services so that when you explain them or you have more than one restaurant joint, there is no fuss involved. 
  8. Technology is a boon for every industry and the FnB industry is not an exception in this case. Hence allow the services to sailing smoothly through apps. Tracking services through customized apps is way more authentic and easier, hence train your employees to have proper access to these apps. They might help in taking orders, making the guest, settling accounts, etc.
  9. Give them exposure to podcasts, LIVE streams so that the training becomes interactive and interesting.
  10. Ask your team to list down their pet projects. This will direct them to their area of interest and the work will run smoothly. 
  11.  Motivate your employees every day. If they feel important, needed, and wanted, the restaurant will automatically run well.